About Warp 10?

Warp 10 was started in 2013 to address challenges posed by the data produced by consumer IoT devices. SenX, the company leading the Warp 10 development, invested heavily in the research and development of a high performance storage engine and an advanced analytics environment, both specifically crafted for time series augmented by location data (Geo Time Series).

In 2016, SenX open sourced Warp 10 under the Apache License 2.0.

SenX is committed to make Warp 10 the most advanced time series platform, ensuring a seamless experience with existing data ecosystems.

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Why choose Warp 10?

As for any piece of infrastructure, the choice of a Time Series database must take into account the existing components, the role assigned to it, the compatibility with third party tools, the expected performance level, the available skillset and of course the financial aspects.

You should try Warp 10 if at least one of these points apply to you:

  • You need an efficient solution for time series management
  • You need a rich analytics library to get the most out of your data
  • You need a flexible and modular platform that allows you to interact with your favorite tools
  • Your data streams may be late or your data may be injected in non-chronological order
  • You need to store location alongside some of the stored values and need to be able to work with those geo data
  • You value Open Source and the absence of vendor lock-in


A library of more than
1000 functions


They chose Warp 10

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