A complete Warp 10 platform will provide ways to store and analyze Geo Time Series.

The services provided by Warp 10 are accessed via the use of the HTTP protocol with payloads in either text or JSON format ensuring compatibility with most environment and languages.

Available endpoints

The Warp 10 API is voluntarily kept simple. It does not strictly adhere to the REST principles because time series data do not fit well into that model, but is very simple to understand and use.

The various Warp 10 components (or the single one in case of a Standalone deployment) offer API endpoints:

  • Ingress (/api/vX/update): for sending data to the Warp 10 platform
  • Fetch (/api/vX/fetch): for retrieving raw Geo Time Series (GTS) data in an extremely quick an efficient way
  • Find (/api/vX/find): for retrieving Geo Time Series (GTS) matching search criteria
  • Delete (/api/vX/delete): for erasing data from the Warp 10 Storage Engine
  • Meta (/api/vX/meta): for setting Geo Time Series attributes
  • WarpScript (/api/vX/exec): for executing analysis expressed in the WarpScript language