Safeguard limits

The Warp 10 platform imposes a number of configurable restrictions to WarpScript. By default, WarpScript code is restricted to abide by soft limits. However, a WarpScript stack that has been authenticated can raise its allowance up to a hard limit using an appropriate WarpScript function. These limits are configured by the backend configuration file (for example, for a default standalone version, this file is WARP10_HOME/etc/conf.d/20-warpscript.conf).

The following table describes each restriction, gives the configuration keys that set the soft and hard limits, and gives the associated WarpScript function.

RestrictionKey for soft limitKey for hard limitWarpScript function
Maximum number of datapoints that can be fetched during a WarpScript executionwarpscript.maxfetchwarpscript.maxfetch.hardLIMIT
Maximum number of GTS that can be retrieved from Directory during a WarpScript executionwarpscript.maxgtswarpscript.maxgts.hardMAXGTS
Maximum number of operations a single WarpScript execution can dowarpscript.maxopswarpscript.maxops.hardMAXOPS
Maximum number of buckets that can result from a call to BUCKETIZEwarpscript.maxbucketswarpscript.maxbuckets.hardMAXBUCKETS
Maximum depth of the stackwarpscript.maxdepthwarpscript.maxdepth.hardMAXDEPTH
Maximum time (in ms) that can be spent in a loopwarpscript.maxloopwarpscript.maxloop.hardMAXLOOP
Maximum level of recursion in macro callswarpscript.maxrecursionwarpscript.maxrecursion.hardMAXRECURSION
Maximum number of symbols that can be defined by a single WarpScript executionwarpscript.maxsymbolswarpscript.maxsymbols.hardMAXSYMBOLS
Maximum number of cells in geographic shapeswarpscript.maxgeocellswarpscript.maxgeocells.hardMAXGEOCELLS
Maximum number of pixels per PGraphics imagewarpscript.maxpixelswarpscript.maxpixels.hardMAXPIXELS
Maximum number of characters outputted by ->JSONwarpscript.maxjsonwarpscript.maxjson.hardMAXJSON