Warp 10 Plugins


The Warp 10 solution can be extended via a mechanism known as plugins.

Plugins are Java classes which adhere to specific conventions, namely extend io.warp10.warp.sdk.AbstractWarp10Plugin, and are loaded at startup time. The extended abstract class has a single method called init which is called with the configuration properties of the Warp 10 instance.

Warp 10 plugins can be launched in any JVM running a component of Warp 10 or a Standalone instance.

What can be done in those plugins is very flexible, you could launch an alternate Web Server listening on an extra port, or launch background computations for example.

Declaring plugins

Plugins are declared in the Warp 10 configuration file using the warp10.plugins property which contains a comma separated list of plugin fully qualified Java class names, or individual properties prefixed with warp10.plugin..


warp10.plugin.http     = io.warp10.plugins.http.HTTPWarp10Plugin
warp10.plugin.zeppelin = io.warp10.plugins.zeppelin.ZeppelinWarp10Plugin

Template plugin

The template for writing plugins is available on GitHub.