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Before going further, you must read the basics of WarpScript described here, or the basics of FLoWS described here.

Trying on your computer is the best way to learn. If you do not have time to setup a local instance, you can also learn with the Sandbox.

Start your learning path.

WarpScript tutorials

  • Debug WarpScript: Stop your scripts, find out WarpScript errors, use line by line debugging.
  • Best practices: Learn to write a WarpScript you will be able to maintain months later.
  • Type conversions: Understand variable types.
  • Collections: All you need to know about Lists, Maps, Sets.
  • Master GTS: GTS is a variable type, learn what you can do within WarpScript, and what you can persist in the database.
  • Server to Server: Learn how to send data from a Warp 10 instance to another Warp 10 instance.
Download The Cheat Sheet WarpScript

FLoWS tutorials

Cyclones on Sandbox

Learn WarpScript step by step from basics to advanced analysis on geolocated time series data

  • Scope: Dataset and instance used by this tutorial
  • Upload the Data: How to upload the cyclone data to the Sandbox
  • Data Modeling: GTS modelization of the cyclone data
  • Analysis: Examples of Analysis on the cyclone data
  • Category 1: Novice-level scripts for cyclone data analysis
  • Category 2: Beginner-level scripts for cyclone data analysis
  • Category 3: Competent-level scripts for cyclone data analysis
  • Category 4: Proficient-level scripts for cyclone data analysis

Find more tutorials on the blog

  • Tutorials: Become a Warp 10 expert thanks to the tutorials available on the blog
  • Thinking in WarpScript: Articles that cover various aspects of the WarpScript language
  • Warp 10 platform: Articles about the different facets of the Warp 10 Platform and its many tools and features

Tutorials published by the community

  • (fr) Premiers pas avec Warp 10 - CérénIT
  • (fr) Calcul de la durée d’un état avec des time series - CérénIT
  • (fr) Warp 10, intéraction avec une instance InfluxDB - CérénIT
  • (fr) Warp 10, intéraction avec une instance InfluxDB, FLoWS édition - CérénIT
  • The quest to search for exoplanets with Warp 10 and TensorFlow - Hello Exo World
  • How to create Warp 10 + Zeppelin configuration - Fasar

We will soon release tutorials based on open data for Energy, Automotive, Banking, Monitoring... Bookmark this page!

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