Upload the Data to the Sandbox

Getting Access to your Sandbox Environment

Go to Warp 10 Sandbox and initialize it. Make sure to keep your tokens by bookmarking the page or saving all of them in a file.

Uploading a Sample of the IBTrACS Data

Your sandbox environment does not have any data. Your first task is to upload the data with your write token. For this tutorial, we use only a sample, from 2010 to 2015, of the whole IBTrACS dataset to avoid reaching the per-user limits set on the Sandbox.

The cURL Way

Open your terminal, copy-paste the following command, modify YOUR_WRITE_TOKEN to your actual read token and run.

curl https://warp10.io/assets/files/ibtracs-2010-2015.gts | \
curl --fail -H "X-Warp10-Token: YOUR_WRITE_TOKEN" -H "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" -T - https://sandbox.senx.io/api/v0/update

This should take a few seconds depending on your internet connection speed.

The non-cURL Way

  1. Download the data in the Geo Time Series input format here.

  2. Load the file using the Browse button on https://studio.senx.io/#/update. Set your write token and click "Update" at the bottom at the page.

Is the Data Really on the Sandbox?

To test if all the data is present you can run this. Don't forget to replace the read token by your actual one and click "Execute".

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