Ecosystem overview

Warp 10 is a powerful and versatile time series platform and thanks to its extension and plugin mechanisms, it is even more powerful and versatile.

Depending on which tool is plugged in Warp 10, it can interact with the analytics engine or the storage engine or both.

Some software component integrations are more oriented on interactive analytics like Jupiter or Python. Others are focused on batch data processing (Pig, Spark, …), or dedicated to streaming data processing (Node RED, Kafka Streams, Flink, …).

On the other side, you can find integration with tools that are dealing with collection or persistence. It is really easy to read or write data to external data format (ORC, Parquet, SequenceFile, …) or with external storage engine (ElasticSearch, TimeScale, InfluxDB, …)

Thanks to its rich ecosystem, the Warp 10 platform allows easier integration into an existing architecture and extends functionality.

Take a look at the schema below to see which tools can be used. Each one has been integrated to meet a specific need. If you feel that one is missing, contact us, we can work together on it.