Thank you for taking the time to contribute! ❤️ 🎉


By contributing to this project, you:

  • Agree that you have authored 100% of the content
  • Agree that you have the necessary rights to the content
  • Agree that you have received the necessary permissions from your employer to make the contributions (if applicable)
  • Agree that the content you contribute may be provided under the Project license(s)

Getting started

Creating an issue is the simplest form of contribution to Warp 10. But there are many ways to contribute, including the following:

Showing support for Warp 10

Open source software is built by people like you, who spend their free time creating things the rest of the community can use.

Don't have time to contribute? No worries, here are some other ways to show your support for Warp 10:

  • Star the project on GitHub
  • Tweet your support for Warp 10 by using #warp10io or #WarpScript
  • Share the project website
  • Participate in the Warp 10 community

Warp 10's ecosystem

Warp 10 is a large open source project made up of dozens of repositories, we encourage you to explore them on GitHub.


Before creating an issue

Please try to determine if the issue is caused by a) Warp 10 itself, or b) an underlying library or a third party component, and if so create an issue there. Sometimes this is difficult to know, we only ask that you attempt to give a reasonable attempt to find out.

Try to follow these guidelines

  • Avoid creating issues for implementation help. It's much better to keep the issue tracker focused on bugs and feature requests, ask implementation questions on Warp10 community
  • Investigate the issue
  • Create the issue in the appropriate repository

Creating an issue

Please be as descriptive as possible when creating an issue. Give us the information we need to successfully answer your question or address your issue by answering the following in your issue:

  • Description of the issue
  • Steps to reproduce the problem, ideally include some WarpScript code if this is where you are experiencing the issue
  • Your environment (Warp 10 version, possible extensions or plugins enabled, other frameworks used)

Closing issues

The original poster or the maintainers of Warp 10 may close an issue at any time. Typically, but not exclusively, issues are closed when:

  • The issue is resolved
  • The project's maintainers have determined the issue is out of scope
  • An issue is clearly a duplicate of another issue, in which case the duplicate issue will be linked.
  • A discussion has clearly run its course

Pull requests

Before submitting a pull request, ensure that the change it makes addresses an existing issue or feature request, or has been discussed with the maintainers.

  • Do not include issue numbers in the PR title
  • Ensure all tests are passing, and write new tests for added functionality

New components

One of the best ways to contribute to the Warp 10 project is to create your own Warp 10 component, whether it's a WarpScript extension, a plugin, an authentication plugin or a macro package.

We're planning much more thorough documentation and tooling for this in the future, but for the time being, to reference a component, please submit a PR against the WarpFleet Catalog repository.