Since v1.0.7
Available on all platforms
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The ->PICKLE function converts the object on top of the stack to its Pickle representation as a byte array and pushes it on the stack.

The conversion is done using Pyrolite.

Pyrolite can read all pickle protocol versions (0 to 4, so this includes the latest additions made in Python 3.4). Pyrolite always writes pickles in protocol version 2.

Python example with ->PICKLE ->HEX output :

>>> s="80025d71002858060000005049434b4c4571015806000000535452494e4771025d7103284b0547400921fb54442d1865652e"
>>> import pickle
>>> pickle.loads(s.decode("hex"))
[u'PICKLE', u'STRING', [5, 3.141592653589793]]



[ 'PICKLE' 'STRING' [ 5 PI ] ] ->PICKLE ->HEX //the ouptut could be passed to a python script, see python example.