Configuration parameters

The CALL function invokes the external program whose path (relative to the warpscript.call.directory directory) is on top of the stack. The calling convention will pass to the external program the STRING object below the path on a line by itself on standard input after having URL encoded the STRING. The invoked program is expected to return a URL encoded STRING object if invocation was successful, or a string starting with a space and followed by a URL encoded error message if an error was encoutered.

If you need to pass complex structures to the invoked program, you can use functions such as ->JSON, ->PICKLE and ->B64 to encode the input prior to the invocation.

Examples of callable programs are provided in shell and python.

The program must be stored in the directory described by the warpscript.call.directory configuration parameter.

The program must first output on the stdout the number of concurrent thread allowed.


echo 5 # 5 threads allowed
urldecode() {
  # urldecode <string>
  local url_encoded="${1//+/ }"
  printf '%b' "${url_encoded//%/\\x}"
while true

  read line
  line=`urldecode "${line}"` # read the params given by the WarpScript
  echo $line # Will be pushed on the stack
CALL is available since version 1.0.7.

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