Configuration parameters

The FINDSTATS function computes statistics on matching Geo Time Series™. The estimations are based on the use of HyperLogLogPlus estimators.

The function returns a map containing information about the matching Geo Time Series. The fields of the map are the following:

gts.estimateEstimation of the number of matching Geo Time Series™
classes.estimateEstimation of the number of distinct class names
labelnames.estimateEstimation of the number of distinct label names
labelvalues.estimateEstimation of the number of distinct label values
per.class.estimateIf the number of matching classes is below the directory.stats.class.maxcardinality, this key will be associated with a map containing per class estimate of number of GTS
per.label.value.estimateIf the number of label names in the matching GTS is below directory.stats.labels.maxcardinality, this key will be associated with a map containing an estimation of distinct label values per label name
error.rateThis is the error rate of the estimators used for computing the estimations
partial.resultsWhen accessing a sharded Directory, this will be set to true if only partial results were collected
FINDSTATS is available since version 1.0.0.

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