Since v1.0.0
Available on all platforms
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The GEO.INTERSECTION function computes the intersection of two GEOSHAPE instances. The intersection process will produce a GEOSHAPE whose cells are common to the two initial shapes. The common cells will be of various resolutions, depending on the resolutions of the cells from the initial shapes. If you need the resulting shape to contain cells up to a specific resolution, you can call GEO.OPTIMIZE either on the result or on the initial shapes.



'POLYGON ((-4.574435 48.641404, -4.565680 48.641404, -4.565680 48.636101, -4.574435 48.636101, -4.574435 48.641404 ))' 0.1 false GEO.WKT '{"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-4.574435,48.641404],[-4.565680,48.641404],[-4.565680,48.636101],[-4.574435,48.636101],[-4.574435,48.641404]]]}' 0.1 false GEO.JSON GEO.INTERSECTION // Produce the regexp so we can 'visualize' the result GEO.REGEXP