Since v1.2.13
Available on all platforms
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The GEO.OPTIMIZE function optimizes a GEOSHAPE instance by modifying its cells to either limit the finest resolution present in the shape or reduce the number of cells by merging cells which cover a whole cell at the coarser resolution.



// Zone in WKT 'POLYGON ((-4.574435 48.641404, -4.565680 48.641404, -4.565680 48.636101, -4.574435 48.636101, -4.574435 48.641404 ))' // Precision (10% of the bounding box diagonal) 0.1 // Consider all cells covering the area false GEO.WKT.UNIFORM // Generate the regexp of the GEOSHAPE and that of two optimized versions 'shape' STORE $shape GEO.REGEXP $shape 0 GEO.OPTIMIZE GEO.REGEXP $shape 10 GEO.OPTIMIZE GEO.REGEXP