Configuration parameters

The GEO.WKB function creates a WarpScript object (GEOSHAPE) representing a geographical area. The description of the geographical area uses the Well Known Binary format.

The coordinates are assumed to be in WGS 84.

A GEOSHAPE is a set of cells at various resolutions which cover (or are contained within) the specified area. The resolutions of the cells are even numbers from 2 (coarsest) to 30 (finest) with the following associated precisions at the equator:

210,000 km
42,500 km
6625 km
8156 km
1039 km
1210 km
142.5 km
16600 m
18150 m
2040 m
2210 m
242.5 m
2660 cm
2815 cm
304 cm

The exact precision is 40,000 km divided by 2**resolution.

The number of cells that a GEOSHAPE may contain is limited by the platform configuration, this limit can be modified up to the hard limit using MAXGEOCELLS.

GEO.WKB is available since version 2.2.1.

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