Extension: io.warp10.ext.git.GitWarpScriptExtension

Configuration parameters

The GITLOG function retrieves log entries for the given pathes. The operation will only succeed if the execution environment currently contains capabilities for the target repository.

The log entries returned are maps with the following keys:

revThe git revision string for the entry.
typeThe type of entry.
messageThe message associated with the entry.
author.nameThe name of the author of the change.
author.emailThe email address of the author of the change.
author.timestampThe timestamp of the change, expressed in your platform time units.
committer.nameThe name of the committer of the change.
committer.emailThe email address of the committer of the change.
committer.timestampThe timestamp of the commit.
GITLOG is available since version 2.7.2.

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'TOKEN_WITH_GIT_CAPABILITIES' CAPADD { 'repo' 'myrepo' 'path' [ 'file1' 'path/to/files2' ] } GITLOG