When called from a macro loaded from a local macro repository, a jar in the class path or via the WarpFleet™ resolver, this function accesses the value of a configuration key present in the Warp 10™ configuration.

This allows to define macro properties outside of the macro itself, which proves very handy when exposing macros via WarpFleet™ for example.

The typical use case would be a macro which needs a token to interact with Warp 10™, the token can be set in the configuration file.

The configuration key looked is built by adding @ and the macro name to the key specified as parameter to MACROCONFIGDEFAULT.

MACROCONFIGDEFAULT will check if the keys exists, if not it will push the provided default value onto the stack, or fail with an error if the default was NULL. If the key is found, the associated value is pushed on the stack.

MACROCONFIGDEFAULT is available since version 2.1.0.

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