Draws a point, a coordinate in space at the dimension of one pixel. The first parameter is the horizontal value for the point, the second value is the vertical value for the point.

Use Pstroke to set the color of a Ppoint.

Warning: There is a known rounding bug inside Processing. Size 1 pixels may not draw. Use a 1.01 stroke weight.

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Ppoint is available since version 1.0.0.

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// @preview image 100 'w' STORE $w $w '2D' PGraphics 255 Pbackground //white bg 0x1fff4259 Pstroke //red 1.01 PstrokeWeight //there is a rounding bug inside Processing. size 1 pixel may not draw. 0 60000 <% DROP RAND $w * RAND $w * Ppoint %> FOR Pencode