The Presize function takes a PIMAGE, a width and a height and resizes the PIMAGE. This resizing does bilinear interpolation, which results in a smoother image than using Pimage to resize.

Presize is available since version 2.7.3.

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// @preview image // Create a large image with a big point 500 500 '2D8' PGraphics 400 PstrokeWeight 250 250 Ppoint // Store the large image DUP PtoImage 'large_image' STORE // Resize large image with Pimage, and add it to the top-left corner $large_image 0 0 100 100 Pimage // Resize large image with Presize, and add it to the top-right corner $large_image 100 100 Presize 400 0 Pimage Pencode