The RLOWESS function applies an iterative smoothing program on a Geo Time Series™ or a LIST of Geo Time Series™, which is done via locally weighted regression, and is robust to outliers.


Cleveland, W. S. (1979) Robust locally weighted regression and smoothing scatterplots. J. American Statistical Association 74, 829–836. Cleveland, W. S. (1981) LOWESS: A program for smoothing scatterplots by robust locally weighted regression. The American Statistician 35, 54.

RLOWESS is available since version 1.0.0.

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// a linear GTS NEWGTS 1 50 <% NaN NaN NaN 4 PICK TODOUBLE ADDVALUE %> FOR // we add outliers CLONE 12 NaN NaN NaN 0 ADDVALUE 24 NaN NaN NaN 100 ADDVALUE 35 NaN NaN NaN 500 ADDVALUE DEDUP SORT 35 30 0 1 RLOWESS