TDESCRIBE Extension: io.warp10.script.ext.debug.DebugWarpScriptExtension

extensions debug
Since v1.2.19
Available on all platforms
Configuration parameters

TDESCRIBE is a recursive TYPEOF. When TDESCRIBE find a LIST, it takes the first element of the list to look for his type. When TDESCRIBE find a MAP, it takes a random key in the map to look for the type of the key and the type of the value.

By design, TDESCRIBE cannot describe heterogeneous lists or maps.

TDESCRIBE output si subject to change in the future. Do not try to parse it. This function is here to help you during Warpscript developpment.

The TDESCRIBE function is part of the io.warp10.script.ext.debug.DebugWarpScriptExtension, this extenstion must be specified in the warpscript.extensions configuration parameter for it to be available.

Add the following line to your Warp 10 configuration :




[ [ NEWGTS ] ] TDESCRIBE //returns LIST [ LIST [ GTS ] ] [ { "key" { 2334 [ NEWGTS ] } } ] TDESCRIBE //returns LIST [ MAP { STRING : MAP { LONG : LIST [ GTS ] } } ] //limitation : if TDESCRIBE encounter an heterogeneous list, it does not try to guess what's inside each element. [ {} { "s" 42 } ] TDESCRIBE //returns LIST [ MAP {} ]