Downloading Warp 10

Get started with the Warp 10 Platform

Release v2.11.1 (August 2022)

Get the latest version of Warp 10, the most advanced Time Series Platform, with more than 1000 functions designed to manage and analyze Time Series and Geo Time Series data.

Learn more about how to get started with Warp 10 here, and don’t forget to give Warp 10 a star on GitHub.


Install the binary package on your infrastructure, either in standalone or distributed mode.

Windows users, please consider using Docker


Perfect for fast deployment or testing purpose. You will get the Warp 10 Platform, WarpStudio and Sensision all in one image. Learn more

docker run -d \
  -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 \
  -v /opt/warp10:/data \


Embed the WarpScript jar to your application or with Spark processing and benefit from the Warp 10 Analytics Engine.

compile 'io.warp10:warpscript:2.11.1'


What's new in the latest release

Version 2.11.1 fixes a last minute bug following release 2.11.0, related to the Warp10InputFormat.

Find the detail of the changes with version 2.11.0 on the blog.

Additional resources

Warp 10 documentation

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Explore the tutorials and the list of WarpLib functions.

CheatSheet WarpScript

Download the WarpScript CheatSheet and get the essentials of WarpScript always handy on your desk.

Download CheatSheet

SenX blog

Explore the blog and become a Warp 10 expert.

Previous releases

Warp 10 2.10.0

Released on 2022-02-28
  • Subserie.opt #1069
  • Added support for decoding directly from String instances #1075
  • Togts.opt #1067
  • Egress.fetch.cache #1066
  • Added support for multiline B64 #1073
  • Added support for macro placeholder in repo URLs #1070
  • Recordreader.nulls #1072
  • Introduce SMERGE #1056
  • Wsif.macro #1063
  • Add order selection to GOLDWRAP #1057
  • Output format.attr #1055
  • Decoder.metadata #1058
  • Added support for gskip/gcount in /delete endpoint #1052
  • Close HTTP connection outputstreams #1053
  • Add INDEXOF to get the indexes of elements #1049
  • Add mapper.regexp.match and mapper.regexp.replace #1043
  • Added support for encoded/wrapped secrets in the configuration files #1046
  • Change generateChangelog to be a dependency of createTarArchive #1038
  • Add GTS-Boolean comparison #1042
  • Make runners scan subdirectories #1044

Warp 10 2.9.0

Released on 2021-10-22
  • This release adds even more customization and versatility functionalities as well as lots of new functions and bug fixes.

Read the dedicated blog post.

Warp 10 2.8.1

Released on 2021-05-21
  • Added HTTP to do HTTP requests in a more flexible way than URLFETCH
  • Added conversion functions from/to base58 and RLP: ->B58, ->B58C, B58->, B58C->, ->RLP and RLP->
  • Added hash functions MD2, MD4, SHA(224|384|512), RIPEMD(128|160|256|320), GOST, TIGER, WHIRLPOOL, KECCAK.(128|224|256|384|512) and SHA3.(224|256|384|512)
  • Added functions to sign and verify macros: MDETACH, MSIG, MSIGCOUNT, MSIGINFO, MSIGN and MVERIFY
  • Added functions to prettify JSON output or not: JSONPRETTY and JSONCOMPACT
  • Added FUNCREF to retrieve a function from its name
  • Added ECRECOVER to infer from a hash and an ECDSA signature a list of public keys
  • Added tokens attributes .noauth to disallow authentification, and .nofind and .nofetch to disallow find and fetch operations for read tokens.
  • Fix skip and step parameters for FETCH on Standalone
  • Fix possible GTSEncoder hint overflow in InMemoryChunkSet
  • Fix context save and restore in function shadowing
  • Fix NPE in URLFETCH when the response has no body

Read the dedicated blog post.

Warp 10 2.7.5

Released on 2021-03-03
  • This is mainly a bugfix release against 2.7.4 which had an issue with the revision file. This version also includes new functions for performing secret sharing using Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme.

Warp 10 2.7.4

Released on 2021-02-24
  • Added parameter to FETCH to return GTSEncoders instead of GTSs.
  • Added configuration for plugins to use the default class loader and for finer control over LevelDB.
  • Fixed very rare bug where datalog files could have the same name.

Warp 10 2.7.3

Released on 2021-02-01
  • This release fixes two issues, one which could throw an exception when deleting data in an in-memory instance, the other which could end boundary FETCH prematurely when querying a fresh LevelDB based instance.
  • Version 2.7.3 also brings some new features such as a dryrun mode for DELETE, a new Presize function to change the size of PGRAPHICS or PIMAGE instances, and pluggable macro resolvers which will enable the FLoWS extension to retrieve macros without having to wrap them in WarpScript.
  • This release also brings some notable performance improvements for MAP operations, we therefore highly recommend that you upgrade your deployments to 2.7.3.

Warp 10 2.7.2

Released on 2021-01-06
  • Added the token capabilities mechanism.
  • Added SHMDEFINED and ECDH, improved SPLIT, ==, !=, ~=, mapper.percentile, SORTWITH, TOKENGEN, TOKENDUMP and DTW.
  • Added parameter to FETCH to get HBase cell TTLs.
  • Improved error message for Egress, Ingress and when parsing configuration.
  • Improved log management.
  • Improved merging of GTSEncoders.
  • Fixed warp10-standalone.sh bootstrap and in-memory mode.
  • Made the HTTP plugin handle streams.